Why brands should hire comedians?

I’m a big comedy fan.
I’m often looking at them and thinkg how did they came up with that?!
Same thing goes for original marketing campaigns.

But for a good comedian I think it’s slightly harder. A comedian is most of the time only one person who has the think of the world in a totally different way.
To create original advertising this is the same only they have a team/agency who does it for them.

That’s why I think it’s strange that brands rarely call in the help of comedians.
Of course keep the comedian in the think tank. I’ve seen commercials which stars comedians but than everybody has something like:
“Oh look, he/her has already sold their soul for the big money.”

There are still a lot of companies out there who are afraid who use humour in their ads.
But this something on which I will come back on.


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