Banksy & Mr. Brainwash: Excellent marketing

Some time ago, the documentary came about Mr. Brainwash: Exit through the gift shop.

Brainwash started following Banksy to make a documentary. After seeing the compilation Banksy asked Brainwash to leave all the filming material because the documentary was that bad!

Banksy asked Brainwash to start is own art and this he did(unfortunately).

Brainwash started small with street art but after a while he decided to do an exposition.
The exposition was that hyped that it got an enormous media coverage.

In the documentary you could really see that Mr. Brainwash didn’t have any art inspiration. All his work was created by other people who he hired for his exposition.

Still a valuable lesson can be learned after seeing this documentary:
Just by having the right media coverage and the right influencers you can go all the way.
Lots of people came to the exposition and bought art for ridiculous prices.

Unfortunately afterwards rumours came out that everything was a hoax by Banksy.
No thank you, I’m still buying it.
One thing is absolutely true and lovely: That a lot of people had a bad feeling after watching the documentary and looking at the Brainwash on their wall.

Exit Through The Gift Shop Trailer:


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