The Dilemma Diner: Youngsters fighting over festival ticket

Very interesting viral came up in Belgium about the bank KBC and the festival Pukkelpop.

300 youngsters we’re invited for an event where they could win a festival ticket. But this was not your original quiz or contest…

The room was divided into 50 tables with 6 six people at every table. The host of the evening announced that there were only 3 tickets per table.
What a great mindf**k. Every table had one hour to come to an agreement about who got a ticket.

Lots of things happend:

  • People are leaving
  • People telling sad stories (I have never went…)
  • People yelling and of course others who asked to keep calm.

After the hour when most of them came to a consensus. The host announced that every ticket was a duoticket.

In the movie there is said that 81% gave their 2nd ticket to their neighbour at the table. So this means that still 19% wouldn’t give up their second ticket!!!
At the end of the movie the psychologist said that she was very much suprised by this outcome and that everything will be alright with our youngsters.

Only thing I can think of is the 19%!!!  I would have expected 100% would gave up their second ticket.
But maybe this is a dream of mine than.

The Dilemma Diner: Youngsters fighting over festival ticket:



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