Why every company should try affiliate marketing?

When I was working for an agency specialized in Affiliate Marketing. I met a lot of companies to do a pitch.

It was your usual pitch, present our company, explain affiliate marketing,…

In the end when I called the companies back, they said they wouldn’t do it because of the risk.
The companies always had the same remarks and these are easy to counter:

– We don’t have the budget:
Affliate Marketing can be based on a CPL/CPA model. This means that you only pay when you have generated a sale.
This is a win-win situation. You only pay for what you get!

– We won’t know on which websites we will be present:
You can easily follow up your program with the networks and see on which websites you’re on. Of course there are exceptions but this is only 1%.

In conclusion:
If you’re not using affiliate marketing, please do. It will increase your visibility and revenue when using it right.


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