E-mail Marketing will never die! (aka E-mail Marketing is not dead)

Since a period of time I read a lot of comments and posts about how e-mailmarketing is going to die.

If you work with email marketing closely you see that it’s not even close to do so and in my opinion it will never be (if you do it right).
When I read every week the results of the mailings, I’m very happy. Great open rate, great clickthrough rate, conversion can be better. But you can’t have everything.
This really about optimization.

E-mailmarketing is really the best way to keep in contact with your target audience.
Your audience has subscribed to your newsletter so they want to be kept informed and please embrace this.
Send them a mail every week IF you have something to say. Don’t just send to send.

Keep optimizing every day. Change a button, change layout, see which products work,…

One very important thing and this is what I missed in most posts. It’s that you need to keep recruiting email addresses.
On your website but also through external partners. It’s very important that you keep your database fresh.
With fresh I mean, remove the unsubscribers/bouncers and import new addresses every moth.
Only in this way, your database will stay valuable and you can keep your e-mail marketing alive!


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