TEDx Brussels: Made in Space & Glowing Plant

I visited TEDx Brussels 2 weeks ago and like always I was surprised with the nice presentations.

Of course not all presentations I can “connect” with but it’s good to see what each sector is working on.

But if I had to give one remark it was that the afternoon was completely about Health. So the afternoon was not that spectacular.

Now 2 presentations that Rocked My World were: Made in Space & Glowing Plants.

Made in Space is all about 3D printing in space which can fix a lot of problems for our fellow astronauts:
– It can reduce space because they don’t have to store spare parts anymore.
– If they don’t have the spare part on board, it can be quickly created instead of waiting for the next flight
– …

The options are limitless!

I’m really into the whole 3D printing stuff and these guys are already thinking to go into space.
Well done! Extremely well done! This is what I call out of the globe thinking. Pun intended!

Have a look at http://www.madeinspace.us/

Glowing Plant Project was really the more controversial presentation but nevertheless awesome.

Now I hope i’m telling this right. 🙂

These guys can change the DNA of a plant so it can give light! This is told in very simply way

They studied nature, just look at the video below that will be easier:


Not everybody applauded after this presentation but I did it for sure!

Thanks again TEDx for bringing me in contact with the future!



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