Why Social Advertising Works!

Until one year ago at every Online Event social advertising was described as not working. To this day it’s hard to sell Social Advertising internally when you work for a company. A lot of people still have this point of view.

I have the principal that you have to test everything before you can make any conclusion and for Social lucky I did this as well.

Conclusion: IT WORKS!

Why does it work:

You can target all kinds of audience which are your target group:

  • married people, gamers, fathers & mothers, geographic,…
  • Lookalike audience: Look for people who are similar to your customers
  • Competitor audience: Target people who are fan or like your competitors.
  • ….

The possibilities are limitless.

We did the first test and it’s running great!

ROI is amazing and the CPA is perfect.

If you’re not doing Social Advertising, you should better try it!


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