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Why Social Advertising Works!

Until one year ago at every Online Event social advertising was described as not working. To this day it’s hard to sell Social Advertising internally when you work for a company. A lot of people still have this point of view.

I have the principal that you have to test everything before you can make any conclusion and for Social lucky I did this as well.

Conclusion: IT WORKS!

Why does it work:

You can target all kinds of audience which are your target group:

  • married people, gamers, fathers & mothers, geographic,…
  • Lookalike audience: Look for people who are similar to your customers
  • Competitor audience: Target people who are fan or like your competitors.
  • ….

The possibilities are limitless.

We did the first test and it’s running great!

ROI is amazing and the CPA is perfect.

If you’re not doing Social Advertising, you should better try it!


The Vendetta: Coca-Cola vs Pepsi / Pizza Hut vs Dominoes Pizza

I really love the Vendetta between several brands:

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi
Pizza Hut vs Dominoes Pizza

It really brings out the best in Marketeers.
Especially the replies to the other ones message. Because if your reply is wrong. The crowd will burn you down.
Below are really good replies so the crowd will still love you.

Learn from it!

It such a pity that this kind of advertising is not allowed everywhere…

This one is already from some time ago

Pizza hut vs Dominos

This one was is from a week ago with Halloween:

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

TEDx Brussels: Made in Space & Glowing Plant

I visited TEDx Brussels 2 weeks ago and like always I was surprised with the nice presentations.

Of course not all presentations I can “connect” with but it’s good to see what each sector is working on.

But if I had to give one remark it was that the afternoon was completely about Health. So the afternoon was not that spectacular.

Now 2 presentations that Rocked My World were: Made in Space & Glowing Plants.

Made in Space is all about 3D printing in space which can fix a lot of problems for our fellow astronauts:
– It can reduce space because they don’t have to store spare parts anymore.
– If they don’t have the spare part on board, it can be quickly created instead of waiting for the next flight
– …

The options are limitless!

I’m really into the whole 3D printing stuff and these guys are already thinking to go into space.
Well done! Extremely well done! This is what I call out of the globe thinking. Pun intended!

Have a look at

Glowing Plant Project was really the more controversial presentation but nevertheless awesome.

Now I hope i’m telling this right. 🙂

These guys can change the DNA of a plant so it can give light! This is told in very simply way

They studied nature, just look at the video below that will be easier:

Not everybody applauded after this presentation but I did it for sure!

Thanks again TEDx for bringing me in contact with the future!

Best Résumé Ever!

Like shown in the previous posts, I like to celebrate originality.

In a world where it’s hard to stand out, the following guy really found a way to advertise himself.

In fact it’s a great campaign: Showing off your skills by being original.

This guy made a site to show his webdesign skills and as a company I would directly ask this guy to come by:

Just press the down key and have a quick look!

And the price of strangest viral goes to …

A while back I talked about Banksy and Mr. Brainwash.

Now Banksy is back and this time with a viral.

The video already has more then 5 million viewers but it’s stranger then ever.

It shows terrorists shooting down Jumbo the flying elephant.

If you understand what it is, please let me know because I don’t see the connection…


Increase your e-mail subscribers for free

Last time I talked how to keep your e-mail database clean and fresh.

A good way to get more subscribers for free is by cooperation.

You can do this by database sharing. In a nutshell:

Find companies who have a target audience which has an overlap with yours.
Contact them and explain that you want to share your database in exchange for theirs.

Create a mailing, this can be a dedicated mailing, game, competition,…
! Be certain that both companies have a link otherwise people will find it strange to receive a mailing from you for another company !

Watch how your database will get flood with new addresses.

Good luck!


E-mail Marketing will never die! (aka E-mail Marketing is not dead)

Since a period of time I read a lot of comments and posts about how e-mailmarketing is going to die.

If you work with email marketing closely you see that it’s not even close to do so and in my opinion it will never be (if you do it right).
When I read every week the results of the mailings, I’m very happy. Great open rate, great clickthrough rate, conversion can be better. But you can’t have everything.
This really about optimization.

E-mailmarketing is really the best way to keep in contact with your target audience.
Your audience has subscribed to your newsletter so they want to be kept informed and please embrace this.
Send them a mail every week IF you have something to say. Don’t just send to send.

Keep optimizing every day. Change a button, change layout, see which products work,…

One very important thing and this is what I missed in most posts. It’s that you need to keep recruiting email addresses.
On your website but also through external partners. It’s very important that you keep your database fresh.
With fresh I mean, remove the unsubscribers/bouncers and import new addresses every moth.
Only in this way, your database will stay valuable and you can keep your e-mail marketing alive!