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The Chobani Bear

Chobani is known for their yogurt which is made with 100% natural ingredients.

In the past they advertised with a bear tearing up a shop because it wants some food with only natural ingredients.

Now Chobani made a video where they let the bear loose in NYC. The movie already has more than 1 million views

Watch what happens:


The Vendetta: Coca-Cola vs Pepsi / Pizza Hut vs Dominoes Pizza

I really love the Vendetta between several brands:

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi
Pizza Hut vs Dominoes Pizza

It really brings out the best in Marketeers.
Especially the replies to the other ones message. Because if your reply is wrong. The crowd will burn you down.
Below are really good replies so the crowd will still love you.

Learn from it!

It such a pity that this kind of advertising is not allowed everywhere…

This one is already from some time ago

Pizza hut vs Dominos

This one was is from a week ago with Halloween:

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi

Viral: Uncle Drew “The Legend” is back Part 3

Pepsi has already earned their place in the Hall of Fame when it comes to Viral Marketing.

Uncle Drew The Man The Legend. These videos always makes me smile.
It’s really the best mix of humor and great B-ball moves.

This is already the 3rd video but it still encourages me to watch the whole video.
Although its duration is 6.24 minutes which is long for a viral.

Viral: GoPro knows the art of viral marketing

I love virals but this something that is clear because I share a lot of them.

A company that really understands the art of creating virals is GoPro.

If you do not know GoPro. GoPro have like they call it the “World’s Most Versatile Camera”.

The following video really shows that you can use the camera in the most extreme circumstances.

Check the following video and especially from 3:52 where the lions come running and hugging the guy.

And the price of strangest viral goes to …

A while back I talked about Banksy and Mr. Brainwash.

Now Banksy is back and this time with a viral.

The video already has more then 5 million viewers but it’s stranger then ever.

It shows terrorists shooting down Jumbo the flying elephant.

If you understand what it is, please let me know because I don’t see the connection…